VISA & Work Permit of Foreign Employee

Business visitors to Bangladesh will require a visa. The visa has to be obtained from the Bangladeshi diplomatic mission in the visa applicant’s country.

Bangladesh issues the following categories of business visas:

  1. Single-entry for three months
  2. Multiple-entry for three months
  3. Multiple-entry for six months
  4. Multiple-entry for one year

Landing Permit / Visa on Arrival (LP/VOA):

  • The foreign investor is identified by a certificate issued by BOI, BEPZA or the Ministry of Industries
  • The foreign businessperson who is directly associated with import of Bangladeshi products is identified by a certificate from the relevant associations of export-oriented
  • Commercial/industrial organizations (ie- Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) or the Bangladesh Garment Manufacture and Export Association (BGMEA)).
  • LP/VOA cannot be extended under any circumstances.
  • The LP/VOA applicant must have $500 endorsed in his/her passport or in cash.
  • The LP/VOA applicant must have a return ticket.
Offshore Manpower Staffing

Work Permits for Foreign Employee:

In order to employ a foreign national, it is imperative that the employer obtain a work permit. Required conditions of the relevant authority of Bangladesh Government need to be fulfilled before applying for a work permit.

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