HR Consulting Firm

If you wish to recruit affordable manpower, it is important that you get in touch with recruitment services for the same. This is simply because you would not be equipped with sufficient knowledge or may not find the time to select the right candidate. Manpower recruitment & placement agencies in Bangladesh on the other would do just the same. Right from the verification of their documents, to their growth charts, they would guide you with the same. All you would have to do is look up the web for such professional services. The team would sit down with you and have you explained which candidate would best suit your need.

It is important that you look for firms that follow a process for the same, especially when it comes down to International projects. Once the service sends in the employer’s resume to you, it would be left up to you, to select or reject the same. The overseas manpower recruiting agency Bangladesh firm would make sure to send in their best. Even considering the above, it is crucial that you check upon the firm’s qualification and experience. The last you want is to be dealing with services that may not specialize in the field you expect them to. A reliable company would prioritize quality recruitment of Bangladeshi migrant workers at all times. Keep in mind a certain corporate budget, this would help you save up on your business expenses. Plan it out well in advance, especially when taking loans for the same.




We has a team of independent HR Consultants who are highly recognized as leading experts in their sector, schools continue to work closely with them for their practical HR support and guidance.

Our HR Consultancy will give:

  • Decisive direction in addressing the priorities and issues that are important and relevant to you;
  • Advice on how you can achieve your people objectives;
  • An immediate response to any difficult HR challenge;
  • Someone who will solve your issues by listening to your requirements and prioritize outcomes that are in the best interests of your school and the young people you teach.

The service is provided by a subscription to either an email telephone helpline at fixed rates (per term or school year) or a fixed subscription package.

A fixed consultancy package based on agreed days per term spent on site doing, for example:

  • Case to case work
  • Change management system
  • Briefing and advising on key topics
  • Meeting to discuss staffing priorities and agreeing strategies for managing for them;
  • Conducting disciplinary and grievance investigations on your behalf;
  • Holding consultation meetings with staff on your behalf (e.g. TUPE or redundancy).

Knowing the sector well, John and David also have a large network of consultants in related areas including;

  • Salary assessment with / without administrative support;
  • Recruitment selection
  • Occupational health.




To complete the process, the team would then send the selected resumes to you for further selections. The team would work closely with you and help you select candidates that would suit the required profile. Make sure you confirm the charges that the service would charge you with, well in advance. You do not want to be disappointed at the end of it. A recognized firm would always prioritize the placement of Bangladeshi migrant workers, in terms of its quality.  Having invested in a good firm, you could be sure of recruiting the best. You could look through the sites testimonials to be sure of the company.