A little bit about Our Team

  • Each of our team member has in-depth knowledge, understanding and awareness for all the services offered
  • Our specialization is in understanding the company’s need of candidates with relevant experience and skills. Depending upon the regular changes that are met within the industry, our team is always updated to provide optimum consultation.
  • Our excellence is in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals for Senior, Middle and Junior Management Level.
  • Today’s highly competitive world requires experienced, skilled and hard-working professionals to get an edge in the rat race.
  • We become your partner in the endeavor for recruiting proficient professionals

Our Workflow

Offering Comprehensive Placement & Recruitment Solutions

We provide Value added HR services for a broad range of industry sectors. The services provided by us include Training & Development, Manpower Recruitment, Staffing Solutions, Data Verification Service & HR Process Consulting. Max Expert Services brings to you a group of Industry veterans who bring in-depth knowledge and experience to cater to your specific HR needs.

The initial meeting with you is highly consultative and gives CATHARSIS INTERNATIONAL the opportunity to learn more about your needs and your company. We are keen to identify your organization’s challenges, goals and culture. We provide realistic advice based on our understanding of your business and the applicable sector.

We cover at length how the new employee will contribute to your success, what skills, experiences and cultural fit are essential and the level of compensation that would be appropriate, considering market conditions.

After this meeting, we prepare a proposal that illustrates our understanding of your company, outlines our role and describes the ideal candidate in detail. We will outline and recommend a resource strategy with timetables and costs.

We adopts a very thorough “research” approach to finding the best candidates. We use our industry contacts and  also identify local companies where target candidates work. We then approach these individuals to introduce the position and understand their aspirations.

If the position has been advertised, we will manage and review the response, contacting the relevant individuals who meet the requirements. The result is a shortlist of the strongest candidates in the marketplace. It is important to personally meet/interview each individual.

We describe and build genuine interest in your opportunity, while closely assessing each candidate’s history and suitability and what sort of impact the candidate’s employment will have in your organization.

In close collaboration with your team, We will come up with the best possible interview process to meet your schedule. After the interviews, we debrief you and the candidates and broker communication and offers between both parties.

Manpower.com.bd conducts rigorous reference and qualification checks as we strongly believe that the more you know about the candidates, the better you will understand each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This can accelerate the onboarding process after a candidate is appointed. We can take a full 360-degree approach to our reference checks, allowing for a balanced perspective on the candidate.

The next stage is for you to decide which candidate from the shortlist is best suited to your needs. We will work closely with you to assess the merits of your preferred candidates and help you select the best candidate for your requirements.

The search process can succeed or fail at this critical stage. Our responsibility is to consult on what it will take in today’s market to develop an offer that will close the deal with your selected candidate. CATHARSIS INTERNATIONAL will work with your team to develop an offer that will include base compensation, bonuses, equity, relocation and other factors that are acceptable to both you and your candidate.

At the closing of the candidate offer,  We  are the “representative” that presents the offer to the candidate on your company”s behalf. This approach allows both parties to candidly express concerns regarding the offer while preserving their respective positions and not to jeopardize our future relationship. Once start dates are determined, we help the candidate with  the deployment process. We provide an orientation

on the position that they are undertaking and the location where they will be working. It is vital that the candidate clearly understands the role and future that he is undertaking. Finally, your selected candidate – the best candidate for the job – is ready to begin a new job and start contributing to your business’ success