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We have been watching for the previous many years that there has been a spreading and increasing necessity of work force exclusively in the Middle Eastern Countries because of their rapid industrialization and national development activities.

In the light of above, the employer’s of these countries are now switching their focus to low cost, cheap and efficient work force countries which are now naturally available in vast quantities in Bangladesh. Now a days, manpower supply has become very competitive trade internationally.

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Our History

In sequence, to guarantee appropriate selection and convenient deployment of workers, the employer’s generally select an organization who are considerably

professional experienced and thoroughly familiarize with manpower recruitment and Mobilization in co-relation with swiftness and efficiency.

Sector / Specialization

  1. Overseas Manpower Supplier
  2. Manpower Consultants Assistance for any sorts of project’s
  3. Ticketing & Reservation of all Airlines
  4. Construction Firm

We are one of the leading Manpower agency of Bangladesh and well established, is registered under the act of Ministry of Labor with the ambition of solving the unemployment problem as well as supporting the economy of the Nation. We supplies all categories – skilled, semiskilled, unskilled, technical and professional manpower based on the demand of our clients Due to our quality and genuine services we are still retaining ourselves among the 800 agencies in Bangladesh and has been supplying manpower through Abroad.


Our Specialization

Unskilled Labor


Skilled Labor


Semi-Skilled Labor


Highly Technical Labor


Outsourcing / Remote Staff



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We source our manpower through advertisement and through our official channels for semi-skilled and unskilled manpower. We headhunt to meet the demand of highly technical and professional manpower. Today, a huge number of such manpower throng to our company for quality and prompt service

The main key of our rapid growth is a planned Manpower recruitment development strategy. We have always helped to deploy the skilled and unskilled manpower in companies, which supports the economy of the candidates as well as of the nation.

We believes in competency blended with quality. The company can provide a complete solution of the requirement of Bangladeshi manpower abroad.

With a reputed quality service and its prompt working style, We are today a leading manpower recruiting agency in Bangladesh.

All our staffing services are backed by a comprehensive, systematic and structured approach to the entire recruitment life cycle. The process comprises of the following phases:

  • Requirement Analysis 
  • Sourcing and Assessment 
  • Selection Support
  • Integration of the Candidate 
  • Final Recruitment is committed to our overseas workers welfare. That they are provided decent wages, quality living conditions in a safe environment and that we carefully choose our clients that adhere to these principals.

Our vision is to provide world-renowned international manpower services that follow the highest quality and efficiency standards to exceed client requirements. To be recognized as a reputed business organization in our every aspect in locally and globally.

Consultancy & Advisory

We offer high proficiency in consultancy and advising. There are various segments of consultancy associated with the diversified experience. We offer a complete range of career transition services, helping to strategically plan, practically implement and successfully conclude the job-change and career transition processes.
Our change and agility experts work with clients and individuals to help them move beyond the traditional HR and change management processes, helping organizations benefit from the changes taking place in their industry and workplace.

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