Major Services of Recruitment Agencies

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Often people ask us what all services are offered by a Human Resources Consulting & Placement agency to its clients. Well, the list of the services provided by a Human Resources Consulting & Placement agency is very long. These agencies have a complete portfolio of services that they offer to their clients. Whether you are an individual service provide or a large scale corporate owner these agencies can cater to the needs of all. If you are interested in hiring any of the recruitment agencies then you should know about the services that most of these agencies offer. Here in this discussion we are going to give you a glimpse of all their services.

# Manpower Outsourcing

There is no better way for you to hire manpower from abroad than making use of the services of the recruitment agencies. They provide you services for almost every aspect of manpower outsourcing. Whether screening of the candidates or completion of the visa and other documentation formalities they help you with all. You can hire their services to meet the manpower outsourcing within your budget and that too without spending much.

# Direct Hiring

Not outsourcing only then direct hiring is something every employer needs. These agencies help you will in  direct hiring formalities easily. They have a highly skilled and trained staff which takes care to hire the best employees for you. They do background checks, skill tests, pre employment tests and every other necessary formality to reduce the hiring chores for you. You can cut down the hiring and recruitment time by half and the cost incurred in the overall process by 70% making use of services of recruitment agencies.

# Contracting Manpower

Large corporate houses and businesses usually need to contract manpower in large numbers. The recruitment agencies help you with pooling the manpower for contracting. Their vast network helps in getting the manpower pooled easily. They also meet all the formalities for medical checkups and visa documentation on their own. Therefore you need not to worry about anything and can get the contract manpower with ease.

These are some major services provided by recruitment agencies.