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Offshore Staffing Services

We help progressive recruitment companies improve customer loyalty and increase margins by providing highly skilled offshore recruitment services on demand to fill more orders at lower costs. As a successful staffing/recruitment company, you work hard to find qualified, interested and available candidates. You hire the brightest and most effective recruiters who focus on activities that generate your highest ROI. However, with the industry’s competitiveness for candidates and shrinking margins, plus the introduction of client-based technology, acceptable margins are difficult to maintain. You must explore and employ every advantage to maximize the productivity of your best people and remain cost competitive. That’s where Catharsis offshore recruitment services can become a game changer.

To help organizations exploit their human resources enterprise, we offer individually tailored HR solutions that align with a company’s business and social culture. Our dedicated HR recruiting team helps companies and HR departments perform more effectively and efficiently by eliminating redundant, noncore HR functions, escalating cost effectiveness and providing a singular focus on HR and related issues. Start-ups, greenfield projects and established organizations all benefit from our HR expertise available through both onsite and offsite models.
  • Schedule an initial meeting to understand your  immediate needs.
  • Conduct a gap analysis evaluation based on current scenario and what may be needed. Perform an HR audit to look in depth at your current practices and procedures.
  • Make recommendations based on evaluation results.
  • Prepare a written proposal with an overview of your needs and our suggested solutions.
  • Develop a work plan for all components of the agreed-upon solution.
  • Establish timelines to achieve your objectives.
  • Implement and complete established targets.
  • Review all HR interventions to ensure your satisfaction with our service.

Offshore & Onshore staffing service

Onshore/Offshore Staffing Services

With our wide range of man power, we are able to fill positions for basic laborers in all fields. With Hill Country Staffing’s invaluable experience  in the Oil and Gas Industry we can save you the two most important aspects of your business, time and money! Outstanding service is the reason employers select to meet their needs for qualified employees. We supply not only screened and qualified applicants, but also flexibility to meet your business needs.

Manpower Staffing  Services Provided

  • Welders
  • Structural / Pipe
  • Utilization of the WPS from the AWS.
  • Electricians
  • Apprentice / Journeymen
  • Crane Operators
  • Roustabouts
  • Offshore Rig Hands
  • Riggers
  • Pipeline Personnel
  • Fabrication
  • Equipment Operators / Drivers
  • Fitters
  • Welders Helpers
  • Mechanics
  • Consultant Services
  • Safety Specialist
  • CWI – Certified Weld Inspectors
  • Engineers
  • Construction Inspectors

Client Services & Benefits

In today’s  industry there are many benefits of using contract employees.

  • no advertising costs
  • no recruiting costs
  • no interviewing costs
  • time savings
  • cost savings 
  • flexible staffing 
  • increased productivity
  • smaller number of full-time employees
we save you time and money by recruiting and screening candidates for you. Our experienced recruiters and resources also locate qualified candidates in a timely manner so you can move ahead with business.


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Manpower Recruitment

It is important to engage in manpower staffing to avoid headaches that include HR and admin functions, guaranteed employment of the workers and government compliance to host country. In behalf, we employ these workers within the duration of the contract or the project. We provide administrative support functions such as payroll, personnel management and processing & documentation arrangement. If the client requires we may even handle the entire department or division.

Staff contracting onshore is relatively being done by industries such as in construction, engineering, oil & gas, mining and any industry that needs massive skilled talents.

Here are some advantages of contract and project staffing

  • Visible reduction of project or operating costs
  • Focus on your core competency
  • Standard market salary range
  • Avoid government and tax compliances
  • Reduce HR and administrative responsibilities

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