Why to outsource Payroll Services ?

We are committed to providing the highest level of payroll services available. We serve our clients with a comprehensive range of payroll and HR products and services to meet all of their needs, while providing them with the absolute highest level of customer service.

  1. Work with highly trained employees who know and understand your payroll needs.
  2. Get personalized customer service at your convenience.
  3. Free up your time and resources to focus on the business rather than the payroll.
  4. Give yourself the peace of mind that your payroll is being handled accurately and timely.
  5. Track Employee Hours To Control Overtime Expenses.
  6. Simplify Data Management And Sharing.
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Our History

Payroll Solutions has been helping businesses to save time and money. We understand the burden payroll places on small businesses so our goal is to make life easier for you and your company. We have a comprehensive array of payroll products and management services to help you keep track of your business

Our secure online interface works right from your computer – there’s no software to load! Simply submit your payroll information through our secure online network, via fax or e-mail – whichever is most convenient for you.

Payroll and Tax Processing Services

  1. Easy to understand pricing structure without “hidden” charges
  2. Customizable reports give you only the information you need
  3. Direct deposit and check signing or AllPay (check reconciliation)
  4. Pressure sealed checks and W-2s
  5. Year-end returns including W-2 and 1099 preparation and filing
  6. Tax services, including depositing of tax liabilities and filing returns for federal, state and local taxes
  7. Multiple payroll reports
  8. Time off accrual
  9. Garnishment management
  10. New hire reporting
  11. Ability to use multiple bank accounts for true cost accounting.
  12. Ability to interface with most GL accounting systems.
  13. Ability to interface with most time and attendance systems.
  14. Employees can access their pay stub and/or W-2 form on-line.
  15. One point of contact for all your needs
  16. Quick and easy sign up


Our Specialization

3rd party payments


Skilled Labor


Complete payroll tax compliance


Service Accuracy


Customizable reporting



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Let us assist you with your payroll from start to finish.

We realize one input method does not fit all clients equally and that is why we offer a variety of input options.


Did you know the average payroll clerk spends 7 minutes per time card preparing, computing, and verifying each time card?  Just one reason to consider a timekeeping solution!.

This tax savings vehicle allows employees to make pre-tax Contributions by payroll deduction and the Contributions are allocated to an account maintained on the participant’s behalf.  This tax savings is a benefit to the employee as well as the employer.

Employers often do not take advantage of important tax credits because they do not know they are available or do not know how to calculate the credits.

Consultancy & Advisory

We offer high proficiency in consultancy and advising. There are various segments of consultancy associated with the diversified experience. We offer a complete range of career transition services, helping to strategically plan, practically implement and successfully conclude the job-change and career transition processes.
Our change and agility experts work with clients and individuals to help them move beyond the traditional HR and change management processes, helping organizations benefit from the changes taking place in their industry and workplace.

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