Why Us

Offshore Staffing Outsourcing:

Manpower Bangladesh provides the highest quality of supplies and recruits of personnel for a range of disciplines. We can provide personnel and supply in all types of sectors while specializing in offshore staffing services. Our human resource consulting company designed a service meant to deliver high quality, low cost and personalized offshore staffing solutions.

It is how our team thinks we can help in bringing advantage to every client we work with, especially to their business. Our staffing solutions can help in reducing the over head costs associated with the process of personnel recruitment. While this is achieved, the more a company can ensure increased efficiency in its operation. Utilizing outsourcing staffing service is the best way to enable increased efficiency while still ensuring managerial control over the employees.

Manpower.com.BD manages the staff leasing, recruitment, setting up and monitoring of the offshore staff. Our team secures that the solution is specifically customized to achieve each client’s goals.

We Understand That Every Business is Unique:

The culture and environment is different in every business. Every business needs to be handled as an individual case with different needs to deal with. Once these needs are considered, only then should a customized staffing solution be made. The members of our team treat each client and their business as an individual case. Using our extensive experience, we help you in making the operations of your business more efficient and successful through our offshore outsourcing staffing solutions. The process we use in completing a project is efficient and our HR consultants can guarantee clients with optimized outcome afterward.


Companies from a range of discipline can have access to our offshore staffing service. Payroll Bangladesh knows that the talent a company is composed of is among the factors in achieving success. We help fill a company’s organization with dedicated, experienced and highly productive professionals. Training is an aspect we never forget to look at.

There might be some idle talks concerning offshore staffing, which include inexperienced resources. But these fears won’t be realized with us. That is because one of the things that our team is proud of is our standard guaranteed staffing process. We know how to attract and employ resources with actual hands on experience that is the same as ours.

Giving Our Assurance:

Our guarantee to our clients is realized from the award-winning technology and vast experience that our team provides. It is not only fulfilled. It is delivered with premium service. Payroll Bangladesh can provide quick, accurate and quality placement solutions, one that always conforms to a client’s specific requirements. Whatever your human consulting needs are, rest assured that our team has the perfect solution to offer. Manpower Bangladesh has the record of accomplishment to prove our capability in the field.