Why Us

Manpower.com.bd believes in acting as a partner to the clients, rather than an external  Recruitment Agent. We follow a detailed Search Process and offer various  advantages to the hiring organizations as well as recruiters.

Search Process

We measure our success in terms of our client’s return on investment in leadership talent. A successful search brings forth suitable candidates. While  following our thorough search process, we pay attention to detail and ensure open, honest, and continuous communication with the clients. The process starts with the consultant team understanding the needs of the client, organizational structure, operation style, culture, and linkage of roles. The coordinates of the assignment are fixed with mutual consent and an elaborate Search Brief is written, which the client approves. The Search Brief has details on job responsibility, critical attributes for the position, personal profile required, the reporting relationship, and a brief on career movement for that candidate. The consultants also try to understand macro details such as the client’s presence in the industry, the growth pattern, and the micro details like the selection process, the recruitment time-frame etc.


  • The search strategy is worked out by the Practice Head, the relevant companies are clearly identified, and a list of potential candidates is generated.
  • The candidates are spoken to about the position at length and the Consultants also try to understand the perspective of the candidate.
  • An in-depth evaluation of the candidates is done to choose the right fit.
  • On receiving the shortlist from the client, the meetings between the client and the candidates are coordinated.
  • Additional candidates are developed, while interviews are in progress, to ensure that a continuous stream of viable candidates is in process.

Verification of references and credentials are done at the stage of recruitment of candidate.


Effective communication, outstanding service quality, and integrity have been our guiding light. Following are the distinguished advantages with Manpower.com.bd:

  • Speedy services
  • Clear search brief
  • Definite search plan
  • Industry-friendly approach
  • Wide knowledge base
  • Well-maintained dossier  of  candidate  profile

We ensure effective presentation of client’s organization in the job  market.