Manpower Recruitment Services

We are one of the Bangladesh’s fastest growing company as Manpower Supplier for qualified experienced and right professionals for right job placement & Outsourcing. We are leading manpower and HR consultants in Dhaka.

Executive Recruitment Agency

We are often brought in by clients to provide strategic HR consultancy including overviews of a team, board restructuring, outplacement and remuneration analysis. We use psychometric tests and in-depth interviews with team members to identify strengths and weaknesses, identifying opportunities to develop people and gaps where new talent is required. As with all recruitment, ethics and professionalism are the key factors to consider. Having agreed the brief and in consultation with the client, we will identify the companies in which to search for likely candidates. On achieving the desired short-list, we will submit the candidate profile(s) to the client for consideration.

Headhunting and Manpower Sourcing

Headhunting is also sometimes referred to as ‘Employee Search’ or ‘Executive Search’. If you have a senior or potentially sensitive vacancy or it’s likely that your ideal candidate is currently employed and may not actively be looking for change, then this is probably the route for your business. Our Search consultants will use several proactive methods to find the most suitable candidates and may well have access to people whose careers they have ‘tracked’, giving them very detailed knowledge of a candidate’s specific skills and career aspirations.

Manpower Placement and outsourcing services

We undertake all aspects of the recruitment services cycle:

  • Understand job specification
  • Match profiles to specifications
  • Advertised & Executive Search Campaigns
  • CV Sifting/Response Handling
  • Screen applicants
  • Conduct initial interviews
  • Submit shortlisted candidate profiles
  • Schedule your interview with applicants
  • Facilitate closure resulting in appointment

Industries benefiting from availing our recruitment services are:

  • Logistics / Supply chain
  • Health Care
  • Construction
  • Administration
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR
  • Engineering